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Berlin Based 032c Shows Magazines Can Do Apparel

Words by Leila Kozma 

Berlin in the 1990s was the greatest place and time to be alive in the history of the world. The fact that there exists no Marty McFly-esque time-travelling apparatus to take us back to the city’s infamous rave parties is another sign of just how devastating it is to live in the contemporary era.

Why is that? Let’s do a dialled up history lesson: The Iron Curtain falls. Entire neighbourhoods in East-Berlin become abandoned because let’s face it, the West was a lot more prominent. And, what do you get when you have a lot of empty apartments and large flocks of young people, misfits, punks, artists, poets and creatives of all kind? Squats. Clubs. People embarking on the David Bowie diet (milk plus red peppers, which mighty combination he would feast upon day after day while recording the album titled Ziggy Stardust not far away from his house in Schonenberg.) Kink dungeons unprecedented before in the whole of Europe. Empty construction sites turned into pools. The list goes on.

But unfortunately, time travelling is not a thing. Those of us wanting to learn more about Berlin back in the day have to make compromises, i.e., go on Youtube and watch patchy, confusing documentaries only available in German, without subtitles. What an absolute treat.

Or, and this is a slightly better-suited strategy to pursue: take the word of the people who were there. Maria Koch spent her adolescence at the finest of shindigs and has now decided to revisit the era with her latest fashion collection for Berlin-based fashion magazine that just launched its eponymous apparel line, 032c. Titled  “Cosmic Workshop”, the collection perfectly encapsulates the experience of raving. There are lace-up leather boots (grrrrr), jumpsuits, tunics and V-neck blouses made of a feather-light, see-through, black plisse fabric, and leggings adorned with white glitter. Plus, there’s an ivory-coloured, mesh turtleneck I’d be willing to go on the Bowie diet for, sacrifice the last remnants of my rather questionable morals, or even embark on some DIY-tutorial-laden nightmare and make weak attempts at recreating it at home. Because, at the end of the day, if 032c can do apparel, why should a writer say no to sewing?

Want to go back in time all the way to the heydays of rave culture? Tough luck. We recommend feasting your eyes on Maria Koch’s latest designs for 032c, the closest it will ever get to the real deal. And who knows? Maybe these will be the garments seeing you through the most magical moments of your life. Judging by the designs, the chances are high.

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