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Have A Good Time X Adidas unites one of the biggest brands in the world with one of the coolest

Words by Leila Kozma 

‘When Should You Label a Relationship?’ and ‘No Label Dating: Can You Have Love Without Commitment?’ are two headlines you wouldn’t expect to see on the first page of a Google search about the cultic Japanese streetwear label, Have a Good Time. Alas, the label prides itself in keeping things low-key. Having earned renown via word of mouth, the enigmatic brand sells most of its wares at a tiny shop located at the back end of a quaint alleyway at the residential area of Nakameguro district of Tokyo. Needless to say, SEO optimisation, promo videos and email campaigns aren’t exactly their cup of tea.

Every now and then, when the stars align, they release internationally available capsule collections, sending an armada of fans– normally confined to satisfy cravings for updates by feasting their eyes on the Have a Good Time Instagram page, acutely aware of the platonic nature of their fancies–into a state that borders on adrenaline-shock. This is the modern-day equivalent of queuing for Rolling Stones tickets for three days straight only to snatch up the last ones on sale before the office would sell out and the surrounding crowd of pleather-jacket-clad adolescents lapse into a shouting match in what can only be called as a medieval thirst for revenge.

Now, imagine the euphoria triggered by the news that Having a Good Time is teaming up with Adidas for an AW/2018 collection comprising of a reversible tracksuit (I’d want someone to say this into a microphone for a full effect) a brand new design of the iconic Adidas Samba and a few lip-smackingly fine shirts and hoodies. This is a brand that does tracksuits better than Fidel Castro, Run-D.M.C., the cast of the Royal Tenenbaums and the Sopranos combined, and so the garments come with understated, effortlessly cool designs. The Adidas Samba has been adorned with the much-recognisable Have a Good Time logo on the tongue and insole. The reversible tracksuit is one deliciously concocted pastiche of the logo over and over again, with a plain black material on the other side.

Absolutely brilliant garments, with the added bonus of feeling like a champion for wearing a niche brand reserved for the brave-hearted, including those willing to travel all the way to Japan? –That’s the Have a Good Time x Adidas Capsule collection for you.

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