Articles - 22nd November 2018

Fried Clothes for Days

Words by Leila Kozma 

Have a biteful of a new trend: Fried Chicken Fashion

It’s late. The night bus has been “due” for ten minutes, your phone died again so the godsend of Uber is out of the picture, and the ramshackle bus stop is going to collapse at the next blow of the ice-cold arctic wind. Your eyes wander ceaselessly, scanning the deserted surrounds for just one ray of hope, and, shazam, you spot the faint glimmer of Colonel Sanders’ smile in the distance.

With a spring in your step you hop on over to the KFC. Doom and gloom done and dealt with, you  are tucking into some chicken wings like there’s no tomorrow. For a brief moment, you feel at home. Or least, you are just as unashamed of being covered in red greasemarks as though you were.

KFC has always been the saviour of overworked mothers, students yet to master the art of toast, and just about everyone in dire need of a serving of hot, tasty food. With a new turn of events, they’re now saving wardrobes warranting some serious reconsiderations too. That’s right.

Though the Mighty Bucket doesn’t scream high fashion, this is pretty much the future Japanese pop superstar and fashion aficionado Nigo envisages for it. His label, is now offering a line of clothes channeling the spirit of KFC.

With a bulky, nostalgic font and slick designs, the collection comprises of shirts reading ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’, ‘Human Made Original Recipe’ and ‘So Tasty, So Tender.’  Basically, it’s as if comfort food married a no-nonsense streetwear label and their child came out with genes that beat that of Lily-Rose Depp. Like macaroni meets Stussy, but more vivacious. Or brownies plus Vans, but more whimsical. Or kale plus Juicy Couture, but with added flavour. Actually, scratch that. It’s like KFC doing streetwear. So good there’s no need for clumsy comparisons.

Anyway, the clothes are positively drool-worthy. Gobsmackingly good. Fingerlickingly delicious. Tasty, but tender. Warms your heart, and your chest. You get the point.

One thing: these are not the garments to devour neatly packed boxes of popcorn chicken in. They don’t deserve to be sighted by the sofa or by the bottom of a bucket of hot wings, nor are they the unofficial attire best-suited for the weekly trip to your local KFC joint. Take them someplace deserving of a hot serving of excellent fashion. That’s your recipe for success.

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