There’s a lot to be said for the importance of bad work. At the start of every promising career is time spent alone, crafting work that the creator probably thinks is brilliant at the time and then looks back only to realise that, actually, it wasn’t nearly as strong as they hoped it was. It can be disheartening to have this realisation, that all of that work is sitting on your laptop, or in a notebook, and you will probably be too embarrassed to show it to anyone.

It is both freeing and stifling to be new to freelancing. You can create whatever you want, whenever you want, but a lot of the time, it will seem like no one cares. But that work you do now is vital for continuing to improve, for continuing to make better work.

Every day that we continue to publish, write, and work for you is a day that we strive to improve your careers as freelancers.

This week, we are publishing a piece on the gender pay gap in freelancing by Tina Neilsen, as well as a piece by Deborah Talbot about confronting your worries as a freelancer. We have reviews of The Trench, Making A Murderer, new books, and several other cultural activities in London, as well as the continuation of the Many Faces of Freelancing with Matt Essam, a Business Development Consultant.

Our Virtual Office environment is getting ever closer to being released to the public. For the launch, you can expect powerful tools to help early-stage freelancers get work without relying on recruitment platforms, as well as manage their career development and seek advice. We’re always keen to hear your thoughts, so if there’s something you’re struggling with in your freelance career, send us an email (