Freelancer of the Month - 10th October 2018

Becky O’Brien and Edwin Louis

Becky O’Brien:

Originally from Ireland, I am a London based Choreographer and dance artist. My work varies from body-based performance to choreographed work. I explore themes of gender, identity, and sexuality, with a queer/feminist approach. I use my body as a political force to question the construction of my own identity and where my body lies in relation to art and to society.

I am interested in creating work for new online communities and the possibilities of real-time technology and social media together with live physical performance. My work on cam sites has explored using the internet as a medium, not only to perform to new audiences but also to create work that allows these online cultures, and the new languages, sexualities and humour that develops online, to become performative themselves. I am interested in exploring the public in private, and private in public, focusing on how the internet is changing the way we interact socially and sexually with others, and how it affects our innate desires.

I am a member of CUNTemporary collective (Arts, Feminism, Queer), where I am head editor of a monthly newsletter documenting various queer and feminist events across London, as well as helping to produce our regular trash performance art nights and conferences.

I am also a member of the We Are The Wick artist collective based in Hackney Wick. WATW is an art project focused on protecting the community based around the area.

In 2016 I was granted a residency at The Island art space in Bristol to develop work on Chat Room and in 2018 spent one week in Invererne, Scotland creating original work on a residency there. Also through this work, I spoke as a panellist for Putting in a Good Performance, The Ethics of Presenting Sex for a Live Audience at Camden People’s Theatre.

Edwin Louis:

My name is Edwin Louis, and I’m a freelance photographer and videographer. I started my venture into work life in retail and soon transitioned to bag design soon after university before finally landing in the freelance film industry

Being very passionate about film and storytelling my photography work tends to have a film scene like quality to it. I tend to shoot 16×9 instead of the standard 3×2 and I prefer to shoot with natural light for a more documentary-like feel, as if our real lives are the movies.

I like working freelance as it allows me to work across varied projects, and presents constant challenges. One day I’m shooting a wedding in Oxford and the next I’m shooting a seven-piece band in a smokey Dalston basement.

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