Articles - 24th October 2018


Nest will offer self-employed saving solutions

The government-backed workplace pension scheme trust Nest is planning to trial saving solutions for the self-employed. They hope to incentivise people to save and to utilise apps and partnerships with freelance platforms to do so. Will Sandbrook, executive director of Nest, warned that it was highly unlikely that a single solution would reach the whole population and be suitable for everyone. The main challenge is how to mimic the characteristic of payroll deduction in a self-employed context.

Changes in UK inflation benefit self-employed

After the ONS released a fall in inflation from 2.7 to 2.3 per cent, IPSE commented that this is as a benefit for freelancers to balance the moderate decline in earnings this year shown in the freelancer Confidence Index. However, there is still a concern about the effects of Brexit on the self-employed community, and the new government policy around IR35.

Managing your finances in the gig economy

The Guardian noted that due to the monthly fluctuation of pay many gig workers are forced to find alternative routes to survive month to month, some of which include taking out loans or taking on credit cards. They interviewed four Uber and Deliveroo workers who have a mixture of experiences.

It should go without saying, but here we are: The (simple but rare) importance of paying your contract workers on time

The main complaint for freelance workers is not having their invoices paid on time, and is the most common reason as to why gig economy workers sack their clients. This piece in Business Matters calls to HR services to remember the people behind the invoices, and that organisation is key to making sure you keep your contract workers as the valuable investments they are.

The EU committee approve the legislature to strengthen the rights of contract workers

The employment committee of the EU has approved legislation for new rights for contract workers, including forced transparency, no probation over six months, mandatory work training, and no right to prohibit an employee from taking jobs with other companies. The text is now waiting on European Parliament for approval.

Illustrator Ben Tallon’s ten lessons on freelancing

Manchester-based illustrator Ben Tallon gives his tips for freelancing after ten years in the industry. Follow the link for more!

100 days left to file your 2017-2018 Self Assessment tax return!  

A reminder to all of our readers, you can manage the stress of the holidays (when the majority of people begin to fill out their forms) by starting now. Look here for help.

Finally, Newsnight gave a great summary of what the gig economy needs to be fixed. Watch the video here 

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